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Full Mouth Ultrasonic Scaling (Oral prophylaxis)

Cleaning of teeth

Globally, Bleeding gums( Gingival bleeding ) is the most observed sign of disease, which can lead to periodontal pockets varies from 10% to 15% in adult populations. (Oct 2012, Periodontology 2000). And if untreated these pockets can lead to tooth loss.
Our step towards reduction of this vast global load of disease is by affordable and efficient full mouth Scaling using an ultrasonic device. It is primarily done by General dentists & the advanced cases are treated by dedicated Periodontist(Gum specialist).
please inform the doctor prior to the treatment if you have Cardiac pacemaker(Heart)/Asthama. 
Myths & Facts-
Cleaning Erodes the Enamel -MYTH
FACT- most effective method for cleaning and enamel protection during periodontal treatment is by ultrasonic followed by polishing using a soft polishing wheel with pumice paste.